Bass & Gasper knows the importance of caring for your loved one. We pride ourselves in the compassion, professionalism and knowledge exemplified by our staff. Your family's concerns and needs are our first priority.

When you choose Bass & Gasper Funeral Home and Crematory to handle you or your loved one's cremation, you can be at ease knowing one of our knowledgeable staff members will be there to guide you through the process.


With our on-site crematory, you have the comfort in knowing that your loved ones remains under the total care of Bass & Gasper for the entire cremation process. Your loved one is never transferred to an outsourced cremation company which you have no relationship or trust.


There are numerous reasons why people choose cremation, and the decision is a very personal one. Whether you are a family member choosing cremation as a loving and respectful way to memorialize your loved one, or you are planning your own arrangements to alleviate the burden on your family, research has shown the following nine factors as considerations in the cremation decision:

  • * People are dying older and choosing cremation for themselves.
  • * Migration to retirement locations is increasing.
  • * Cremation has become acceptable.
  • * Environmental considerations are becoming more important.
  • * Level of education is rising.
  • * Ties to tradition are becoming weaker.
  • * Regional differences are diminishing.
  • * Religious restrictions are diminishing.
  • * Greater flexibility in memorialization services.

At Bass & Gasper Funeral Home we do not believe that cremation is final disposition. It is preparation for memorialization. Cremation offers a way to memorialize a loved one in a context that is meaningful to the loved one and to the survivors.



A service or memorial ceremony is an important step in helping the bereaved overcome their grief, and offers family and friends the opportunity to honor a loved one. These services can involve viewing and visitation of the deceased, followed by a funeral service, after which cremation takes place. Other options include immediate cremation with a memorial service, or simply cremation with no service at all.

  • Services or ceremonies can precede or follow the actual cremation.  Prior to cremation, there can be a gathering, either public or private, with an open or closed casket.

  • When the service follows the cremation, a receptacle (or urn) containing the cremated remains will take a place of prominence.  Following the ceremony, the final disposition of the cremated remains takes place.


Why Cremation?

Although cremation dates back to ancient times, people choose cremation for a variety of different reasons. Philosophical, religious, environmental, and financial reasons sometimes play a very important role. Cremation is the second most common form of disposition in the United States. The percentage of cremations to deaths in the United States has increased steadily during the last few decades. Our purpose at Bass & Gasper, is to provide your family with affordable cremation services while preserving dignity, support and caring for your family.


Cremation is the process in which the body of the deceased is reduced to bone fragments by way of intense heat. The body is placed in a special furnace called a cremation chamber for approximately 2 - 3 hours. Fragments of the remains are processed into a finer substance (which most people refer to as "ashes"). Cremated remains are then placed into an urn.  

Final Resting

Families may choose to have the remains buried, scattered, entombed or kept by the family.  Scattering of cremated remains can be by air, over the ground or over water. At Bass & Gasper, we can advise you about the allowable practices in our community. Some cemeteries provide areas for scattering and may provide a space where families can place a commemorative plaque or other memorial.

Call or visit us today to find out more information about this service. We will be glad to answer any questions that you might have and assure that you will receive the most professional, caring handling for any of your concerns.